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Third Boulder WC 2011: Wien

Third Boulder WC 2011: Wien The Third Boulder WC 2011 took place last weeknd in the amzing "Kletterhalle Wien", Wien, Austria. As it was pretty close in time to the previous WC in Log-Dragomer, Bruno and I stayed in Ljubljana and went straight to Wien, meanwhile Nacho had to go back hme due to university issues and come back to Wien two days later.
We had the chance to go to a local area near Ljubljana (I decided to rest the rock day), and train one day at Plezani with Miha, and another day at Wien, trying to keep fit between comps. We also could do some walking through Ljubljana an Wien, both really beautiful. It was good for active resting and diconecting for a while. And on Friday we competed at 1/4. 70 male athletes divided in two 35 people grooups. Nacho and Bruno were in group 2 and I in group 1, going out 34th (again...).Nacho did very good qualy sending 4 problems making it to Semis, in wich he ended 14th.Bruno was not so acurate ended 49th. I was feeling kinda of strange, not very confident before going out and a small incident just before stating made me a bit more nervous.In my first problem, I was not sure about beta until last moments and I finally did not do it.Second one was very close flashing it until the very last moove in wich I went down. Third and forth did not offer much resistance and I did them quite well. And fifth, no chacne. At the end I did 2 problems and I had the feeling I had done it wrong. Then my team mates told me it wasn't that bad cause group 1 had difficult problems and most people had done 2 or less problems. My final position was 37th. (one position better than previous WC, again lol) Eventually, I'm still positive. Learning from mistakes and gathering more and more experience. Despite my shape has dropped a little, I feel my performance is getting better.

Now another hardcor training period has begun.
Actually, the moment the plane landed, I went straight to train. Step by step... dayly work is what really counts! Motivation is going rising again and with much more intensity!!!!!!!!!!

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