dimecres, 27 de juny de 2012

Vídeo: Balearic Master Boulder 2012

Balearic Master Boulder 2012 from Climbing dyreco-Toni Marcelo on Vimeo.
Climbing Dyreco os presenta Balearic Master Boulder 2012 con sus principales sponsor, Rokodromo.com y Mammut . La competición organizada por Toni Marcelo & Domingo Medina celebrada en Palma de Mallorca el 16 y 17 de junio en las instalaciones del Par de la Mar .
More info : www.climbing-dyreco.blogspot.com

1. Sean McColl
2. Ignasi Tarrazona
3. Guntram Jörg

1. Sasha DiGiulian
2. Berta Martín
3. Courtney Sanders

Direction, cinematography & edit:

divendres, 15 de juny de 2012

Oldies Goldies # 001: a bit of Bishop

Well, it's benn a while since I last updated this site. Nevertheless, things are always going and despite the fact I wanted to writte a post with everything happend since last entry, plus many other things "forgotten" in the hard drives... That would be a massive post. Instead, I'll be updating ramdomly till date, and I also thought about a new section in this site that it's gonna be called: OLDIES GOLDIES. I reserve this for older things I want to post about.

Here, some pics from November, 2011 with Duncan, Jessy and Mats :D