dissabte, 13 de juliol de 2013


Few years ago, one of my best friends and I had an idea about a “thing”. After considering pros and con we decided that was not its moment. So we pressed the stand-by button and left that “thing” remaining latent, waiting for the moment, the same way you wait for the temps to cool down and send your project, although some times you are tempted to try it before the magic hour arrives.
So early this year we met a couple of persons that were moving in the same area of our “thing”. My friend and I shared with them our vision and we all four decided we should give it a chance by teaming up together to make “the thing” success. And we started working on a kind of prototype, giving it shape to launch it.
But eventually, our goals and paths were way too different. It was time to spread. It was time to stop and think. It was time to go back to the essence of “the thing”.
I believe they are willing to continue with that project we started together, and I really wish them luck and hope they do well with it.
As I said, it s time to think and start again, taking our time to make every part of the process accurately, so the hole “thing” can achieve its form as its finest.
Here I let you some of the work I have been preparing lately. In addition, I have realized how interesting is diving back in older work to analyze the evolution of it; the way you worked, let’s say a pic, would be very different the way you work it some years after. Personally, this attempt to make “the thing” appear has thought me very important lessons, and I am happy about it :D