divendres, 10 de desembre de 2010

vol. 2: the flow and the snow

vol. 2: the flow and the snow from Ignasi Tarrazona Gasque on Vimeo.

Second teaser of our summer trip. This shows the second part of the journey, in which we visited some austrian spot such as Silvretta, Zillertal & Maltatal, and the Chironico Switzerland in our way back home.

It's not only about what you send, it's also about the climbs you do not climb, so you will come back for them ans many more! It's also about the travel itself, knowing new spots, even if it's a very short visit, you know you're gonna be back. And it's, of course, about the people you meet. We had the chance to climb and hang up with very nice people, making the trip even cozier!

This video has been Editet by Ignasi Tarrazona. Shot by Pavi Casas, Miguel Navarro, Jorg Güntram and by myself. this is just a preview, so Stay tuned ;-)

Song: Genesis, by Justice