dimarts, 7 de setembre de 2010

vol. 1: the pain and the rain

vol. 1: the pain and the rain from Ignasi Tarrazona Gasque on Vimeo.

Some shots from this first part of our european trip. On August the 7th we took of Gandia in our way to Switzerland. We were 4 in the bus: Carlos Preciado, Carlos Álvarez, Javi Casas, and me. Once in Magic we met with some of our friends, but they had to leave, so both Carlos' too. So here we are now, Pavi and me, waitinf for Miguel Navarro to come on September the 9th to Innsbruck, so it's time to move a bit.
Due to problems to find some internet connections, we had to upload a non HD video, once we get some decent connection we'll try to reupload it propperly.
This video has been Editet by Ignasi Tarrazona with the help of Pavi Casas. Shot by Pavi, Luis Muñoz, Carlos Preciado, Carlos Álvarez Tobias Kleemar and by myself. this is just a preview, so Stay tuned ;-)
the song is a jeff mills theme: imagine

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